Guide on what product will make your garden glow

Spring is just around the corner, and with that gardening season!  This year we have a few product changes, all set to make it easy to have the garden you envision.

When trying to figure out what product is right for you all comes down to 2 questions

  1. What type of garden are you growing in?
  2. What crop are you growing?

Common answers

  • I’m starting a brand new garden box

Congratulations on getting to know your green thumb!  Our solution for this is

  1. Fill the box with 2-3 inches of  3/4 clear crush for drainage

  1. Fill your box with our garden soil
  2. Top it off with 2inches of our potting soil.  The potting soil is perfect for transplants and seedlings, but it’s so potent that you don’t need much!


  • I’m amending my current garden box

Compost is your answer!

  • I’m growing indoors /doing seedlings

Potting soil for you

  • I’m doing a brand new lawn

Lawn and turf bio or lawn and turf food

  • I’m amending my existing lawn

Depending on your existing drainage, compost may work