Heat wave alert-How to protect your Garden

Temperatures this week on the coast are expected to reach daytime highs of 31-35 degrees Celsius.  First off make sure you’re protected, the communities across the Sunshine Coast have issued this press release regarding their joint heat response plan and coordinated cooling centers  Sunshine Coast Press Release on cooling centers

Now lets discuss protecting your garden

  • Watering-Plants, like people, are going to need extra water during the high heats.  Make sure to water during early mornings or late evenings and water the ground not the plants themselves

Ensure to water according to your watering schedule

SCRD and District of Sechelt: SCRD and DOS Watering Restrictions

Town of Gibsons:TOG Watering Restrictions

  • Pull unwanted plants-Dealing with your unwanted plants will ensure they are not stealing the limited water and valuable nutrients your plants want and need to thrive.  Remember to dispose of your green waste properly, in the town of gibsons on Henry Road or at Salish Soils at 5646 Schetxwen Road
  • Mulch around your garden beds-Not only does mulching help suppress weeds but it helps retain moisture.  We have lots of different mulches based on the aesthetic you are looking for Mulches at Salish Soils

Happy gardening!