Salish Sea Regenerative Farm Society-a dream of a closed loop food system

Aaron Joe, founder and CEO of Salish Soils, started with a dream of food security.  Being apart of a geographically isolated area of bedrock and sand, we needed to find a source of organic matter and nutrients to add to the soil, which is how Salish Soils came to be. Now it’s the next phase of the dream, closing the loop and growing food.  The dream became revitalized when Aaron and others came together to be apart of Al Gore’s seven-day Climate Reality program.  Members of this group and more came together to from the Salish Sea Regenerative Farm Society and secured a 6 acre lease with BC Hydro with endorsement from the shishalh Nation to create a working farm.  Members of the current Salish Sea Regenerative Farm include Aaron Joe, Josh Bourne, Kim Darwin, Peter Doig, Dave Ryan, and John Sutherland.  One of the societies first steps was to revitalize the land by adding Salish Soils compost.

Going forward one of the many objectives of the society is consulting with the public to create a steering committee with local government officials and growing experts with the first community meeting held on November 9th, 2022.  In addition, there is a large focus on working with their neighbours, the hospital, to come up with solutions for water management as well as contracts for food production for coastal health.  Currently the society does not have a website so stay tuned to our social media announcing when the next community meeting is!

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Please note Salish Soils is a separate entity from the Salish Sea Regenerative Farm Society but we are strong supporters.

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