Soil, Mulch, and Aggregates


Compost increases your soil’s organic content, water holding capacity, microbial activity, disease suppression and nutrient availability. It is recommended to mix a minimum of 20% compost into existing soil beds annually to provide the best soil properties and nutrients.
Salish soils compost process exceeds temperature and time requirements for both the Organic Material Recycling Regulation (OMRR) and Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) criteria.  The composting process uses forced aeration as a catalyst and each pile is turned 3 times to ensure thorough mixing and pathogen and weed destruction.

Original Fish Compost

$85/yd $44.5/½yd $11.99/bag

Our signature Fish compost is Fish residuals blended with green waste and composted.

Natural Compost

Food Compost

$75/yd $39.5/½yd $11.99/bag

Food scraps from the sunshine coast blended with green waste and composted.


Garden Soils are made from a mixture of compost and mineral sands to provide maximized organic content, nutrients, water holding capacity as well as drainage.

*NEW* Potting Soil


Mix of Fish Compost (30%), forestry fiber (alternate to peat), perlite, organic fertilizers, glacial rock dust, and sand.  Use alone in pots or amend to top up garden boxes for seedlings and transplants.

Garden Soil

$75/yd $39.5/½yd $11.99/bag

Mix of food compost (60%), sand and glacial rock dust.  This is our base mix for garden beds and boxes.

Lawn and Turf Soil

$65/yd $34.5/½yd $11.99/bag
Landscape soils are sandy loam soils made from 40% compost and 60% sand, made with biosolids compost.  Click here for a Biosolids Fact Sheet.
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Mulches are manufactured from forestry and yard residuals and are used to enhance water holding capacity and to restrict weeds.

Aged Composted Dark Mulch

$70/yard $37/1/2 yard $11.99/bag

Color: black

Composted forestry residuals (contains a bonus nutrient charge)

Fir Mulch

$65/yd $34.5/½yd $11.99/bag

Color: dark red

100% fir mulch.

Pro Mulch

$45/yd $24.5/½yd $11.99/bag

Color: dark brown, coarse

Mix of fir, hemlock, less than 20 % cedar

Premium Mulch

$60/yd $32/½yd $11.99/bag

Color: dark brown, fine

Mix of fir, hemlock, less than 20% cedar

Playground Chips

$70/yd $37/1/2 yd $11.99/bag

Color: light brown (whitewood), fine

Mix of fir and hemlock, certified for playground use (ASTM F1292-18 and/or ASTM F3351-19)

Bark Nuggets

Specialty product, contact for pricing. Min quantity is 20 yards.

Color:Dark red

Geometric shapes of real fir bark.

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1/2″ Clear Crush

$60/yd $32/½yd $10/pail

Drainage or pathways

Salish 3 Quarter Inch Clear Crush

3/4″ Clear Crush

$60/yd $32/½yd $10/pail


Salish Crusher Dust

Crusher Dust

$58/yd $31/½yd $10/pail

Pathways or driveways that will be exposed

3/4″ Road Base

$58/yd $31/½yd $10/pail

Foundations or under pavement

Washed Sand

$60/yd $32/½yd $10/pail


Drain Rock

Drain Rock

$60/yd $32/½yd $10/pail


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