Soil, Mulch, and Aggregates


Premium Salish Garden Blend

$69/yd $36.50/½yd $8.50/bag

Premium Salish Garden Blend is the hallmark soil for drought resistant gardening. Composed of 60% Fish and Natural compost, 10 % Organic Fir Fines and 30 % Sand, this premium blend is ideal for our increasingly drier climate. The nutrient rich compost provides an excellent nutrition count, while the additive of Fir Finds promotes aeration and drainage capacity. Your veggies, from tender seedlings to mature plants will thrive in this ideal growing medium. We recommend this product for greenhouse and raised bed growing.

Salish Garden Soil

Original Salish Garden Blend

$61/yd $33/½yd $8.50/bag

Salish Soil Garden Blend is a nutrient rich soil comprised of 70% Salish Fish and Natural Compost and 30% wash filled sand. An ideal topsoil for established veggie beds and all perennial / annual flowers. Trees and shrubs will flourish too.

Salish Fish Compost

Salish Original Fish Compost

$75/yd $39.50/½yd $8.50/bag

Our signature premium organic compost is perfect for top dressing as its high nitrogen content promotes healthy soil and increases organic content. Composed of cured certified Organic Trout, salmon by-product and forest fines, this screened amender is tested independently to ensure its values and consistency.

Salish Natural Compost

$68/yd $36/½yd $8.50/bag

Salish Natural Compost is our full circle, table to table organic Coastal food compost. Blended with screened forest and composted green waste, this product is perfect for top dressing and amending established garden beds.

Bio Landscape

$51/yd $27.50/½yd

Bio Landscape consists of 40% Bio-Solids Compost and 60% wash filled sand. This blend provides excellent aeration and drainage capacities. Use Bio Landscape for healthy lawns. Can also as a hardscape application.

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Dark Pro Mulch

$44/yd $24/½yd $6.50/bag

One of our favourite mulch products is back! The Dark Mulch is a fir/hemlock blend and rich black/brown in colour. Creates a great backdrop to the wonderful colours of the garden. Screened to medium consistency for excellent coverage and water retaining qualities. Please note, quantities are limited.

Salish Premium Fir Mulch

Premium Fir Mulch

$54/yd $29/½yd $6.50/bag

Our Premium Fir Mulch is finely screened to 1” minus for a consistent uniform look. This mulch is ideal if you are looking for that “wow”, polished manicured look.

Salish Pro Mulch

Pro Mulch

$36/yd $20/½yd $6.50/bag

Pro Mulch is a Fir/Hemlock/Cedar Mulch. This product is coarse in consistency, dark red/brown in colour and offers easy cover for large landscaping areas. Use for water retention and weed suppression in flower, shrub and tree beds.

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Salish Half Inch Clear Crush

Clear Crush – 1/2″

$48/yd $26/½yd

Material used for blending in road bases and landscaping projects, paths and driveways.

Salish 3 Quarter Inch Clear Crush

Clear Crush – 3/4″

$48/yd $26/½yd

Material used for blending in road bases and landscaping projects, paths and driveways.

Salish Crusher Dust

Crusher Dust (screenings)

$48/yd $26/½yd

Used for driveways, paths, and filling potholes.

Salish Road Base

Road Base

$48/yd $26/½yd

Used for roads and driveways.

Salish Wash Filled Sand

Washed Fill Sand

$48/yd $26/½yd

Top dressing for fields and lawns without strong drainage. Best used for foundation infill and raising elevations.

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