Food Waste

Items accepted in the Food Waste

Food Waste

  • Includes fruits, vegetables, breads, etc

BPI certified compostable bags

Meat Waste

  • Includes meat and fish bones


  • Includes all dairy

Soiled Paper Food Packaging

  • Includes pizza boxes, paper towels, paper plates

Tea bags, Coffee Grounds, and Coffee Filters

  • Ensure to remove any tags on teabags
Unsure if your packaging is accepted?  Do you have additional questions?  Email us at
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Common items which are NOT accepted in the Food Waste


Saran Wrap

Coffee pods

Tin foil

Biodegradable Bags

Plastic Bags

Pet Waste

Bread Clips

Meat Absorbent Pads

Produce Stickers

Plastic Coated Paper Products

Hard Shells from Clams or Oysters

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