Wood Waste Drop Off

Salish Soils accepts two different categories of wood waste, clean and contaminated. Small amounts of metal are allowed including nails and screws, however, nothing bigger than a doorknob is allowed.

Please note to access our wood waste drop off please enter through our second entrance on Schextwen road, across from Ti’Ta Way.

Clean Wood Waste



  • Wood off cuts
  • Wood with water based paint or stain
  • Composite wood products or wood containing glue

Contaminated Wood Waste



  • Wood that is not defined as clean wood
  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Wood with oil-based paint or stain
  • Wood with any non-wood lamination such as Ikea furniture
  • MDF
  • Bamboo
  • Wicker

Please note the following items are not accepted

  • wood with creosote 
  • wood attached to glass  (eg windows or furniture)
  • wood  attached to tar paper 
  • wood attached to plastic
  • burnt wood that is still smouldering