FAQ about the new waste program with Salish Soils and shíshálh Nation

With the start of the changes and additions to the new and improved pickup in the shíshálh Nation we’ve had a few questions, and here are the answers!

Why is my garbage picked up every 2 weeks instead of every week?
With the goal of reducing waste on the sunshine coast, the Nation has adopted the program of garbage every 2 weeks to allow for weekly food waste pickup. If food waste and recycling is being diverted from the garbage, the amount of garbage and smell will be reduced.

I’m not interested in the new program, why can’t I put everything in the garbage?
The Sechelt landfill is expected to ban garbage contaminated with food waste so ensuring everything is separated is very important.

I’m not used to the new program, what if I have extra garbage?
Salish Soils and the Nation are committed to environmental stewardship as well as reducing waste and will therefore be encouraging every household to only use the 1 garbage can that is provided. During the rollout of the program we understand you may have additional garbage as you’re transitioning to the new waste system. Please place any extra garbage you have during the initial rollout of the program on the curbside on garbage day and it will be picked up.
If despite best efforts of sorting your waste correctly you still have overflowing garbage there could be an opportunity to regularly have multiple garbage cans.

I want more compostable liners for my compost bins, where do I get them?
You can pick them up at Salish Soils. They are $20 for a box of 90.