Gardening Centers/Recycling Center deemed essential service by BC government during COVID-19 Pandemic

The government has deemed gardening/recycling centers an essential service. View our COVID-19 worksafe statement here (make here a link to covid 19 statement). At this time Salish Soils has no plans of closing. Procedures have been introduced to protect the public and employees and include:

  • Recycling: maximum 3 people allowed to drop off recycling at one time. Please ensure your recyclables are sorted before coming to site to minimize wait times for your fellow sunshine coast residents
  • Green Waste/Wood Waste: Maximum 4 people allowed to green waste/wood waste area at one time. Please stay in your vehicle while on the scale
  • Soil sales: Cash is not accepted at this time and a barrier is in place to restrict the public entering the office. Washrooms are no longer available for public use.